A False History

A False History

I know it’s a little out of order, but this is actually my first experiment with the harmonica. This one is pretty laid back as well, although the added banjo on the chorus section gives it a little bouncier feel than the other two. The lyrics to this one come directly from a poem I wrote a long time ago (no idea when – but I could probably date it from the notebook I found it in). It’s a pretty solemn poem, and I’m not sure how well it translated into song form, but I think it serves its purpose well.

Download here or listen:

The World that we know
Is a tale often told
Around the dinner table
Or in the church of old

A history of valiant men
and tyrants who deceive
of empires that triumph
and women kneeling greive

Its written in the blood of many
for the few who learn to read
and the business of editing
is left to those that breathe

But what lays buried in the deep
beneath the sands and deserts creep
stories that were never told
bodies that were bought and sold

Heroes who were later framed
witnesses who’d gone insane
sightings people didn’t see
and books which tell a false history.

The Scientists they tell us
that only the strong survive
and by that very reason
that some should turn and die

But in their death they speak to us
of a future never known
events that didn’t happen
outside an epic poem

And with the written word
a reformation bloomed
armies of the lower class
were brutally consumed

Books were burned, and stories lost
Empires fallen, Left to dust
And out of that, we learned to trust
the stories that we’re told

But what could have happened, always did
and what once was small, now is big
and It doesn’t matter how far you dig
you’ll only find the trail cold

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