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CarsDirect Buying Guides

I’ve been working on a project at work for a while now and it just went live. Behold, our new CarsDirect Vehicle Buying Guides! We have our buying guides divided up by segment (like our Hybrid, SUV, Sedan, and Electric car buying guides) and lifestyle (like Family, Work, Budget, and […]

Scholarship Speech

I don’t have a lot of crystal clear memories of my father, but I do have a few. I remember him not wanting me to watch ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ when I was six years old – but letting me anyway. I remember him taking care of me when I […]

4th of July

I remember holding hands with the nightthe sound of our little feet and the smell of the pines And that night when we caught lightning in a jarand we wouldn’t let it out til all of our games were done And the girl whose bones were shrinkingpassed away on the […]

Where Is My Mind?

I was finally able to make a digital copy of a VHS cassette that I’ve had floating around for the past 10 years of a show my first band played at our house my Senior year of college (2001, I think). I guess the band was called High Ball at […]

In My Head

We both knew it wasn’t meant to bebut it was so hard to make ourselves believeI never wanted you to go but after you decided It was like I’d already known I wake up every morning and look at where you used to besilent and haunting only dust and shadows […]

Grandfather’s Clock

This is an instrumental cover of a song called “Grandfather’s Clock.” Originally written around the turn of the century, the song has since become a bluegrass standard. I first came across this song on the album Tone Poems by Tony Rice and David Grisman. It has a really warm, soothing […]

The Flame

Lyrics:Every day follows the nextin a line of moments that I can’t get backbut you came up and showed me the wayto get back the good times and store them away It’s easy to get lost in the dark of the nightwhen you don’t have a candle to hold to […]

This Again

The light it seemsflows slowly from my dreamsand I wake to the soundof you snoringand I try to remember but my past is far behindand I’m too busy living in my own mind And I don’t know what you came forand I don’t know why i let you back inbut […]


I met you in a cold dark placeout of the light of the sunall i could see was the shadow of your facelong may you run And I’ll fight for you I want you to see melike I never waslike we used to sit and talkfor hours in the dark […]

Invisible Heart

I got up and wiped the sleep out of my eyesLooked in the mirror and recognized my disguiseI went out, to find the one I’ll never forgetall these years and i haven’t found her yet i listen to the breeze to see what it has to saythe leaves on the […]