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Northern Lights

I forgot how to make you smileI tried but I missed by a country mileAnd I remember when I first triedhow we laughed until we cried Your face lit up like the northern lightskeeping me warm on those winter nightsand the fire burning in your eyesholding me close til the […]

Tonight You Belong to Me

This past weekend, Leah and I had a few glasses of wine and recorded a version of the old song “Tonight You Belong to Me,” made famous by Steven Martin and Bernadette Peters in the movie ‘The Jerk’. I don’t know whether or not it was the wine or the […]

Restless Again

(photo by Nicole Franco) You said that you wanted to see the worldand you just had to get out of this townso we went as far as our money couldand tried to make another life for us But after a while you were at it againlooking out the window longinglyyou […]


(photo by Nicole Franco) Everyone has a moment in their lifethat they just can’t seem to forgetthat keeps them up late at nightin a cold cold sweat Maybe it’s the chance that you didn’t takemaybe it’s the chance you tookmaybe it’s the way you saw it from afarmaybe it’s because […]

Say Please

(photo by Nicole Franco)I found the T-shirt that you used to wearin the back of my 63 chevyand it smelled of leaves and lemonadejust how you left it for me And as I go through the thingsthat we cared so much aboutI can’t believe that it ever seemedlike the future […]

I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe In god or the prophetsThey took all the profitsBought there way to heaven I don’t believeIn separate but equalThey took all the peopleAnd gave them different names I don’t believe In the wars of my fathersAnd all of the others Who didn’t make it back I don’t […]

"Another Song"

I’ve been accused of falling in love with your memorySome people say I’m crazy, others say i’m just aloneIf you could see the miserable state you left meI think that you’d turn around and come home And I’ve been saying that for yearsLooking out the window through these tearsAnd I […]

The Life and Death of the Hummer

After reading about the news that the Hummer brand was going to be put out to pasture by GM after a sale to a Chinese company fell through, I decided to do a write up on the history of the Hummer, along with a little analysis about its place in […]

Mele Kalikimaka – IB Holiday Party

The One I Used to Want

You tried to hide behind the starsOn the black silver screenAnd the way u stare at the darkMakes me think you’re not there And when you tryTo make up for the time you lostAnd find a wayTo be the one I used to want I know you too wellThat I […]