How It’s Supposed to Be

How It’s Supposed to Be

This is the first song that I wrote solely on the Mandolin. While in the past I’ve mainly used it to add color and depth, this one came about from a simple strumming pattern that I came up with while starring out the window on a rainy night a couple of weeks ago. It starts out simple and spare, with just the muted mandolin and a plucked banjo…the vocals come in after a measure and the melody floats along with the chord changes for the opening verses. The bass and guitar come in as the chorus starts, lifting the song up to the hook at the end of the chorus. If you listen closely, you may even hear a hint of auto-tune goodness in one of the vocal tracks.

Rain on my window
sunshine on my hair
she told me that it’s over
but i can’t seem to care

My friends ask me if Im ok
i don’t know what to say
it may seem like i lost something
but it was just in my way

I don’t regret a minute
or how it meant to me
i only wish that she could see
how it’s supposed to be

Sand in my shoes
salt water in my eyes
I swam out to the edge of the world
and said my goodbyes

And as i drifted down
to the ocean floor
i thought i saw your face
looking on from the shore

And even if it wasn’t meant to be
you still helped me to see
everything that surrounds me
and how it’s supposed to be

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