(photo by Nicole Franco)

Everyone has a moment in their life
that they just can’t seem to forget
that keeps them up late at night
in a cold cold sweat

Maybe it’s the chance that you didn’t take
maybe it’s the chance you took
maybe it’s the way you saw it from afar
maybe it’s because you couldn’t look

Maybe it’s the one who went away
maybe it’s the one who stayed
maybe it’s the smile in a photograph
folded up and tucked away

Doesn’t matter what you tell yourself
of how you’re not afraid
always waiting to remind you of
the moment that got away
the time that you should’ve stayed
and the feeling you get
when you’re lost in regret
for the the love that you could’ve made

You don’t talk about it any more
it hurts too much to say
the wounds have healed but the scars remain
from that fateful day

But in the quiet moments and the soundless nights
the feelings come and go
i want to take you in to the light
and make sure we never let go

Times like these I’m reminded
of what you mean to me
and all the moments that add up
to the person I’m supposed to be
the way you remember me
and the lies that we tell
tell to ourselves
can’t begin to set us free

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