Northern Lights

Northern Lights

I forgot how to make you smile
I tried but I missed by a country mile
And I remember when I first tried
how we laughed until we cried

Your face lit up like the northern lights
keeping me warm on those winter nights
and the fire burning in your eyes
holding me close til the sunrise

but now you’re tired of me
there ain’t nothing I have that you haven’t seen
and how we used to dream
of growing old and being free and always traveling

Now I can see in the night
under the glow of your warm soft light
And everything is still
and the way you touch me never fails to give me a chill
and I will hold you tight
under the northern lights

I know that time can be tough
make us take for granted the ones we love
but I’m just trying to find the spark
and find my way back to the start

but I need you to try
to think back to the time
when we were soft and high
and our words meant more than the reasons why

and I know that we can
count the times we really fought all on one hand
but we still gotta learn
how to be the one whose love you didn’t have to earn

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