The Ghosts of Saturday Night

The Ghosts of Saturday Night

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, but here it goes anyway. After years of refusing to start my own blog (amid repeated attempts by my boss, friends, and the little people who live under my bed to do so), I finally got bored enough that I broke down and set up this blog right here. And as I sit here working the graveyard shift in a strange and distant land, wondering what I could possibly write that would be of any interest to anyone but myself, I’m starting to realize that it doesn’t really matter. This blog isn’t for anyone. It’s not even for me. It’s for the Ghosts of Saturday Night.

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  • Bernice

    OK, I’m a ghost of Saturday morning!

    Miss you terribly and glad to see you are enjoying your experience in the land-of-secrets and mystique!

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