Tonight You Belong to Me

Tonight You Belong to Me

This past weekend, Leah and I had a few glasses of wine and recorded a version of the old song “Tonight You Belong to Me,” made famous by Steven Martin and Bernadette Peters in the movie ‘The Jerk’. I don’t know whether or not it was the wine or the fact that the tune was in the perfect key for both our voices, but I think it turned out pretty swell. Maybe we’ll do a video version and post it on YouTube soon. Maybe Leah can learn how to play the Cornet by then and she can take a solo!

I know (I know)
You belong – to somebody new
But Tonight you belong to me…

Although (Although)
We’re apart – your part of my heart..
And tonight you belong to me…

Way down by the stream..
How sweet it will seem..
Once more just to dream
In the moonlight…

My honey I know…
With the dawn..that you will be gone..
But tonight you belong to me…

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