Zetabid Commercial

Zetabid Commercial

Check out the commercial that my girlfriend Leah and I were in recently. I really think that my acting in this spot is Oscar-worthy. We are the gorgeous couple in front of the computer – if you blink, you’ll probably miss us.


  • Matthew Wayne Selznick

    Watched with the sound off because my wife’s sleeping, but you guys looked so pleased with yourselves and the product, so hopeful about the future, so optimistic about the new life ahead of you… I ordered fifty. Or, reserved my spot. Or did whatever I was supposed to do, fifty times.

    Can you hook me up with a ShamWow? 🙂

  • Andy K

    I’m not even sure what we were supposed to be selling…foreclosed houses I guess, probably could get 50 these days for pocket change. When they come in the mail, ill be sure to forward you one.

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